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With over 22 years in the film industry and 85 films under his belt,Award winning Production Designer Nitin Chandrakant Desai has always sought the best in the business, attracting and working only with the finest of creative talent in the filmmaking business.
When Oscar winning Director Oliver Stone was sourcing locations for his film “Alexander” with Mr. Nitin Desai, he was rather dismayed at the prevailing conditions of existing studios and the facilities provided by them. A suggestive remark indicating his feelings set of the trigger in Nitin Desais mind leading to the conceptualisation of a production studios in India which will stand up to other global filmmaking destinations and provide the infrastructure that a filmmaker might need to be able to create only the very best.ND studio was born. 

ND Studio has maintained its commitment to quality and fulfilling the artistic visions of its creators. Nitin Desai is known as a hands-on worker – and sometimes a harsh taskmaster –whose influence is felt in virtually every frame of his work. His meticulous research, precision and detailing are reflective of his performance level that is consistently at the optimum.

Nitin Desai is personally involved with all aspects of designing the studio. From the layout of the buildings to the design of the cafe, nothing was left to chance. His main concern being to create a self-sufficient, state-of-the-art production factory that provided all the essential facilities for the entire production process.

THE FOUNDER- Nitin Chandrakant Desai



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